Traffic Sign Recognition based on Synthesised Training Data

Synthetically-created images from the training dataset-SGTD (top row) and actual photos of real life traffic signs from the validation set (bottom row).


To deal with the richness in visual appearance variation found in real-world data, we propose to synthesise training data capturing these differences for traffic sign recognition. The use of synthetic training data, created from road traffic sign templates, allows overcoming the problems of existing traffic sing recognition databases, which are only subject to specific sets of road signs found explicitly in countries or regions. This approach is used for generating a database of synthesised images depicting traffic signs under different view-light conditions and rotations, in order to simulate the complexity of real-world scenarios. With our synthesised data and a robust end-to-end Convolutional Neural Network (CNN), we propose a data-driven, traffic sign recognition system that can achieve not only high recognition accuracy, but also high computational efficiency in both training and recognition processes.

Big Data and Cognitive Computing